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Monday, June 14, 2010

Making sausage in another locale...

Today's my day to blog over at The LadyKillers, a group blog of fabulous mystery writing chicks, plus one token dude.  Our theme this fortnight is "Food," so I pulled one of my favorite recipes out of my hat and managed to make it on-topic both on that blog and this one.

It is my character Joe Wolf Mantooth's famous Spicy Corn, Crab, and Squash.  It has a creole flair, which makes it topical to the oil spill, particularly in its use of seafood, which may soon be in short supply after the oil spill has sufficiently disrupted the breeding grounds of so many sea creatures.  And, frankly, it's just delicious.  But you don't have to trust me on that.  Go to today's post on The LadyKillers and see for yourself.

Until tomorrow--
Mary Anna

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