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Monday, July 25, 2011

Look for me all over the internet this week...

I'm doing a blog tour this week, spreading wisdom hither and yon. Here's the schedule, but I will obviously keep reminding you of where I'll be.

Today is a two-fer, because Speak Without Interruption has posted an excerpt of WOUNDED EARTH (and isn't Speak without Interruption a glorious title for people who have things to say, but don't always feel like they get heard?), as well as my usual bi-weekly post at The LadyKillers, where I'm talking about technology in mysteries. Check them out!

Today's posts, with links:
July 25th: Speak Without Interruption
                  The LadyKillers

I'll post links as these blogs go live:
July 26th: John
July 27th: Bards and Sages Group
July 28th: Word Pursuit
July 29th: No Trees Harmed

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