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Monday, July 26, 2010

Writing Tips for the Practical-minded #30: Talk to me

Here we are at the end of our marathon journey through 30 writing tips in 30 days.  Thank you for taking it with me!

Does this mean I'm going away?  Oh, heck no...not unless you people rise up and tell me to go away.  And what would be the point?  All you have to do is stop reading or stop talking back to me.  Google Analytics will tell me you've all gone away, and I'm not real big on talking to myself.  :-)

So what's today's writing tip?  Actually, it's a continuation of Tip #29, which was Reach out.  Today, I'll be specific.  Reach out to me.

I work like a serf.  (That's one of the things about the publishing business that you probably didn't want to know.)  I enjoy taking a break to visit with friends.  And I love to talk about writing.

Some of you have been already been reaching out here, or by email, or on Facebook.  Some of you are probably reading it via the Amazon feed, and I'm not even sure there's a way to comment there or whether there's even a link back to this page.  Therefore, I shall confuse the webcrawling bots and post a link to this blog on this blog, putting them into an endless self-referential do-loop:

Drop me a line and tell me which writing tip(s) have been the most helpful to you.  If there's a topic you'd like me to thrash within an inch of its life explore, let me know.  If you have your own writing tips you'd like to share, have at it, and let me know whether it's okay for me to discuss them further in the blog.

Beyond responding to the feedback that this shout-out generates, I have several other plans for material with which to fill this space.   First, I will be teaching and organizing a major writing conference this week called the Anhinga Writers' Studio Summer Workshops.  I will be working on this project from daybreak till long after dark, but I'll have my smart phone and laptop with me.  Unless unremitting disaster strikes, I plan to post the gems of wisdom I learn from my fellow instructors.  And since my life seems to consist of careening from one ridiculous situation to another, I'm sure there will be funny stories to tell.

After I recover from the workshops, I'll be returning for a while to the behind-the-scenes stories of publishing weirdities implicit in the title of this blog:  "It's Like Making Sausage:  Sometimes you don't really want to know how books are made..."

Then, as October approaches, you can vicariously experience the highs (good reviews) and lows (booksignings where nobody remembered to order books) of a book release.  Don't make me do this alone...

Mary Anna


  1. I'd write more often, but I'm in the middle of reading Relics, and I can't put it down!

  2. Faye's mommy would never tell you to put one of her adventures down, just so you could write!


  3. Thirty Pearls from a pearl. Thanks, Mary Anna. I know that with all the extra hours of the Anhinga, daily postings were challenging. What a gift!

    See you tomorrow at the 2010 Anhinga. Let's light this candle.