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Monday, May 3, 2010

Because I can't make sausage ALL the time...

I've been part of a group blog called The LadyKillers for quite some time now. This week, we're having a changing of the guard at The Lady Killers. The new lineup includes Rita Lakin, Diana Orgain, Simon Wood (our token ladykillin' gent), Priscilla Royal, Susan C. Shea, Camille Minichino, Penny Warner, Margaret Lucke, Staci McLaughlin, Mysti Berry, Sharan Newman, Ann Parker, and me.

To celebrate our reboot, we are all blogging on the subject of Beginnings, and I'm kicking things off today by talking about the first lines of novels. I bravely recorded the first lines of all my novels (All seven of them. Good heavens, how did that happen?), trembling in terror, lest one of them should read "It was a dark and stormy day on Joyeuse Island," or some such.

We are also running a very cool contest that you might want to check out. Every LadyKiller contributed some interesting facts about herself or himself, and you can see a list of some of the more choice tidbits. (Who dated a gangster? Who had a close encounter with Mac Davis? Inquiring minds want to know.) The first person who correctly matches the LadyKiller to her little-known fact will receive fabulous prizes. Check it out--

And to reward my loyal readers here, I'll be giving you a bonus. Sometime this week, I'll be planting a clue here that will tell you which one of those mysterious LadyKiller facts is mine. Which means that you only have to figure out 12 more to win that contest...

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