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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A post that may seem nonsensical to some...

...but if you are reading The LadyKillers blog and hoping to win our fabulous contest, all will be crystal clear.

The LadyKillers is revamping and reviving and rebooting, and all thirteen of us are offering prizes to be awarded to the person or persons who best answer our thirteen-part quiz.  There are thirteen facts on the blog, one per LadyKiller, and all you have to do is match the facts to the LadyKillers to win the contest.

I have learned some of the most interesting things about my blogmates.  They've done things like marry lots of men and date gangsters.  Really.  And one of them had a very interesting encounter with Mac Davis.

I think my blog readers should have a leg up on this contest, so I am offering a photographic clue:

And there's even a mystery-writer-related story to go with it.  When Artifacts came out, I was trying to get some press coverage in Baton Rouge.  The book editor was listening, but he wasn't committing himself.  Being a true journalist, he ferreted out the fact that I had been Lamar County's Junior Miss in 1979.  He said, "I used to be the editor of the newspaper in Picayune, Mississippi.  I know what it takes to win a beauty pageant in Mississippi.  Anybody who can do that, be an engineer, and write a book, has got to be interesting.  I'll do the story."


And he's right.  Beauty competitions...excuse me...scholarship competitions in Mississippi are a blood sport.  I gave it up about a year later and earned my scholarships the old-fashioned way.  You know...through scholarship.  :-D  But it really was fun to have an excuse to wear ballgowns and play jazz clarinet and earn a little scholarship money by doing it.

Now...hurry to the LadyKillers quiz.  I just gave you one of the answers.  I'll bet you can figure out the rest...

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