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Monday, May 17, 2010

Briefly changing the subject because I want to talk about Joe...

I'm blogging over at The LadyKillers today:

We have a new topic, starting today.  By the luck of the draw, I am the new-topic-kicker-offer which has something in common with being Spiderman.  I have both power and responsibility.  :) 

This fortnight, we are talking about sidekicks.  I think this is fabulous, because my character Joe is the best sidekick known to man.  He looks good.  He cooks good.  He can drop a rabbit from fifty paces with an arrow he made himself.  (Maybe a hundred paces.  I'm not an archer.  But I'm a woman, and I'm here to tell you that Joe is some kind of man.)  Women want to marry Joe.  Men want to be Joe. 

People ask, "Why doesn't Faye notice the obvious and grab onto Joe with both hands?"   Well, maybe she will.  Or maybe she has.  I'm not talking.

So run on over to The LadyKillers, where I am talking about sidekicks, then come back here tomorrow, because I think I'm not finished talking about Joe.  He is an apparently inexhaustible subject. 

While you're at The LadyKillers, check out our contest.  Answer thirteen simple little questions correctly, and win fabulous prizes.  (And for those of you who joined us within the past two weeks, you can find the answer to one of those questions right here at It's Like Making Sausage, because I always take care of my loyal readers.)

Mary Anna

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