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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some cool news...

I'm taking a break from my literary appreciation of rock lyrics to share several bits of good news with you people.

First, my Faye Longchamp novels--Artifacts, Relics, Effigies, Findings, and Floodgates--are all now available on Kindle and for the iPad.  With the daily flood of news stories on the growth of the ebook market, this can only be a good thing.

Second, my co-writer in the educational work, Faith, and I received word that an article of ours will be published in a prestigious literary journal.  It's called "Reading Geometry:  Text Options and Reading Activities," and it will appear in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' journal Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.  One of the reading activities included in the article is based on an excerpt from Artifacts, so my work will get some nice exposure to people who might want to use it in their classrooms.

Third, I've been selected to do an artist's residency at The Studios of Key West.  (If I've told you this already, forgive me.)   I'll be going down in September to spend a week in a cottage called the Mango Treehouse, apparently because my bedroom is situated upstairs in such a way that I'll feel like I'm sleeping among the branches of the largest mango tree in Key West.  I have two deadlines coming up, so I'll be working like a slave in that magical treehouse, but Key West is a pretty wonderful place to experience self-imposed slavery.

And last, Faith and I have another article in a professional journal this summer.  Florida Readers Journal is a very scholarly publication, and our article is actually quite scholarly, but it does have a tongue-in-cheek quality that I think is what prompted Faith to list me as first author.  This is very generous of her, since she's the one with the PhD, but she said, "This one was your baby."  And it was.  It's called "Exploring Strange New Worlds:  Across-the-Curriculum Lessons from the Star Trek Franchise."

I have a picture to go with this last news item that is so appropriate for the topic and so ridiculous that I shall post it.  Live long and prosper!


  1. Love the picture! You look like you belong in the show, though I don't remember that planet! Must be from the new series.


  2. It's our planet. :) And it was Halloween (see the bowl of candy on the couch?), so I didn't look completely ridiculous running around town in that getup. There were other people wearing far less. :-D

    I'm particularly proud of that beehive hairdo. It took three mechanical appliances, a lot of hairspray, and some serious eye-hand coordination to pull it off. LOL.

  3. Breathe! Don't forget to breathe. You're so busy you might.
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

  4. Huff, puff, pant,'re right, Mary! I was forgetting about that pesky need for oxygen!!!!

    I'm waiting for the part where things come easy and all I have to do is write books.

    In the immortal words of Steven Tyler: Dream on!

  5. YYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! You keep on working, keep on reaching ... and lookee here what happens! The world reaches back! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! We have always known this, and it's so great to see your star rise. Of course, you MUST never forget the little people who worshipped and adored you when you were merely incredible. Like Bev.

  6. I shall never be incredible like Bev. I can only reach upward toward her shining star...

  7. Congrats, Lady, on all counts.