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Sunday, August 8, 2010

From TV to rock-and-roll...

Today's my day to blog over at The LadyKillers, and it was a tough assignment.  They wanted me to write about TV crime shows, and I just don't watch a lot of TV.  However, I managed to wrestle the topic into submission by morphing it into a writing tip.  So if you're one of my writing tip collectors, you're going to have to hit that LadyKillers link and go over there to see it.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to make you all jealous by telling you how my daughter and I heard Aerosmith play a fabulous concert last night.  I'll make your misery worse by posting a photo of us being rocker chicks.  Then I think I'm going to deconstruct the lyrics to "Dream On" and tell you why they work.  (Weeks ago, one of my writing tips was to learn from the masters.  Well, a song that can still make a stadium full of humans squeal like little girls was probably written by a master, doncha think?)

I have not written this post yet, so I'm tiptoeing way out on a limb.  What if I find I have nothing to say about "Dream On"?

Oh, be serious.  I am a novelist.  I can find something to say about laundry lint, but I'd rather talk about Aerosmith.  Check back tomorrow, when we'll all know what I decided to say.

Mary Anna


  1. I saw Aerosmith when they came to Orlando recently. And yes, I screamed like a little girl.

  2. Sometimes, you wonder why one person becomes a star and another talented person doesn't. Steven Tyler is just so over-the-top that you can't not look at him, and he's such a good singer that you can't not listen. It was good to see him looking healthy and happy...although I think that man is always happy when he's onstage.