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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Comedy of Covers, Part Cinq...

I did have to look up the spelling for "cinq."  It just looks wrong, even when you factor in the fact that French is a whole different language.  I was almost sure "cinq" was right, but something in me just didn't want that "q" to dangle.  But "cinque" is five in Italian, and I didn't think it wasn't the same as in French.  So Google is my friend and I got it figured out without embarrassing myself.  Well, without embarrassing myself in that particular way...

So Book 5 was Floodgates, which I'm fairly certain is sitting up there on the top of your screen looking beautiful.  But my webmaster Ramon is such a genius that sometimes he designs pages with random book covers showing up hither and yon.  Which means that I have no idea what you are looking at when I'm looking at the cover of Floodgates.  Here it is, just in case:

I think it's just perfect.  It shows the horror of Shelly's death, without being too grim.  Maybe that's blood flowing upward on the right, or maybe it's just her hair.  And her hair blends upward into the water, which is central to any story about New Orleans and Katrina.  It has the artistry of an impressionist painting, to me, yet I'm told that it was generated digitally, on a computer.  Amazing.

With the exception of one reviewer, I've gotten nothing but good feedback on this cover.  What do you think?

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