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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm actually blogging now...

...instead of the slow-moving narrative that I've been keeping since building my website before Artifacts came out in 2003.  I basically just posted updates a few times a year when a new book was finished or I was going on tour.  Now, my wonderful webmaster Ramon has set me up with an actual blog that's easy to do, and it alerts me when I get comments, which my last blog iteration did not do.  Yay!

I'm in the midst of sending Ramon updates that will include my travel schedule for Strangers, which is due out on Columbus Day, October 12, 2010.  There will be more information on my new ebook, Wounded Earth, which is now available at Amazon and on  And I'll share the good news about the educational text, Mathematical Literacy in the Middle and Secondary Grades, which I will be co-writing with Dr. Faith Wallace.  I signed that contract yesterday.  We've been working toward this for almost five years, so it's a great moment.

There will be more details on all that tomorrow and the next day and the next day, because I'm now an actual blogger!  I know my children are astonished.  :)

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