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Monday, April 12, 2010

January 29, 2005

Well, Relics is off to the typesetter and we have an official publication date: August 2005. I'll be planning a fall tour soon, so if you have a favorite bookstore or library, let me know. I visited 14 states while promoting Artifacts, so the odds are good that I'll be visiting a city near you.

Artifacts was listed as an Adult Mystery with Young Adult Appeal by Voice of Young America (VOYA), which means that it is being read in high schools, which I'm absolutely thrilled to hear. The mass-market paperback of Artifacts exceeded sales expectations, which means that they're completely sold out. If you're still hoping to get a softcover edition, Poisoned Pen Press will be issuing a trade paperback in March.

While waiting for Relics to come out, I'm plotting out more adventures for Faye and tackling smaller writing projects--most notably, a short story that will appear in a Christmas mystery anthology featuring southern authors being published by River City Press. More detail will be posted here as I have them. I'm very happy with the story, called "A Wholly Unsuitable Word."

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